Trafalgar FyreFlex Sausage 930g (600ml) – Box Only



FyreFLEX® Fire Rated Sealant is a water based, low VOC and environmentally friendly fire rated, intumescent based sealant. FyreFLEX® has two distinct applications, the first being fire protection of construction and expansion joints in fire rated barriers. The second application being fire stopping of services passing through openings in fire barriers.

FyreFLEX is the one of the most fire tested sealants in the market with more than 30 fire and acoustic tests, and assessments spanning over 30 years. FyreFLEX has been approved for use in a large range of control joint or firestopping applications required under the National Construction Code (NCC).


• NCC 2022 ready – Tested and approved in accordance with AS1530.4-2014 and AS4072.1
• Non-toxic
• Water based allowing easy clean-up.
• Excellent adhesion properties
• Tested and compliant in single layer plasterboard, Hebel and SPEEDPANEL walls and FyreBOARD Maxilite
• Approved for use in both walls and floors

FyreFLEX Insulation and Performance:

FyreFLEX sealant can achieve an FRL up to -/240/120 on small bundles of cables in certain fire barriers, however larger cables and metallic pipes will reduce the insulation rating (i.e. increase in heat rise) under fire conditions. When this occurs, TWrap is required to be wrapped around the services for a certain length to achieve better insulation performance.

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