TBA Firefly Intumastic




TBA Firefly lntumastic is a water based acrylic sealant.
Available in cartridges and sausages which are used for sealing around services and for gluing the TBA Firefly Penowrap to substrates & to TBA Firefly Intubatt®. TBA Firefly Intumastic Brush Grade available in 5 kg tubs which is used to butter up the cut edges of our TBA Firefly Intubatt® prior to rejoining them around service penetrations. Once the TBA Firefly Intubatt® is installed, the cartridges or sausages are used to fill any small gaps and holes between the TBA Firefly Intubatt® and the services to create a neat and tidy seal.

For specific applications and FRLs please refer to the referenced Compliance Reports.

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