Promat PROMASEAL® Grafitex Trowel Grade 4L



PROMASEAL® Grafitex is an intumescent compound unaffected by water and moisture when cured. It is designed to expand and fill the gaps around the penetrating services when exposed to fire and any that may occur at where combustible type services melt or distort.

In general PROMASEAL® Grafitex is used in lieu of a fire resistant sealant where a penetrating service insulated by combustible materials or the service itself is combustible, e.g. uPVC conduits. It is not applicable for metal services or electrical cables when used on its own. For these applications, please refer to PROMASEAL®-A Acrylic Sealant, PROMASEAL® IBS™ or PROMASEAL® Mortar. Approvals also available for the use of PROMASEAL® Grafitex in combination with our range of retrofit fire collars for cables and insulated metal pipes.

PROMASEAL® Grafitex is not designed for use in gaps or joints where a high degree of thermal movement is expected.

Expansion ratio free: 1:9

Starting temperature: 185°C

Colour: Dark grey


Service Penetrations


  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance
  • Simple installation
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Suitable for use around conduits
  • Suitable for use around plasterboard, calcium silicate or masonry walls
  • Seals multi uPVC pipes in simple openings
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