Promat PROMASEAL® Retrofit Floorwaste Collar



PROMASEAL® Retrofit Floor Waste Collar is designed to provide fire resistance where floor wastes penetrate wet areas.

PROMASEAL® Retrofit Floor Waste Collar is surface mounted (retrofit) type that provides integrity and insulation criteria for uPVC floor waste traps of 50mm, 80mm and 100mm diameters.

Expansion ratio free: 1:9

Starting temperature: 185°C

Colour: Blue


  • Plastic Pipe Floor Waste Penetrations
  • Tested for concrete slabs from 70mm thick
  • Tested for Promat SYSTEMPANEL 2G – Floor Ceiling System


  • Suitable for 50, 80 & 100mm uPVC pipes
  • Can be installed over pipe socket / joiner
  • Also approved for Triplus, Fastflow, dBlue and Raupiano pipes
  • For HDPE floor wastes refer to the PROMASEAL Retrofit Collar (Circular Base)
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